Our company provides the opportunity for potential clients/customers to become independent sellers and distributors. In doing so, they will enjoy financial freedom accompanying with extra income while doing something they love. For more information on this program
email: Couleurscosmetics@gmail.com

Christina Balan is a former model turned serial entrepreneur, and founder of Couleurs Cosmetics Inc. Balan was born in Haiti, but currently resides in the New York City borough of Queens. After finding it quite challenging to find beauty products to fit her skin color, Balan dedicated herself to finding a solution.

She began mixing her own beauty formulas at home to fit her skin and beauty needs. Soon enough, Balan’s new found passion in the beauty industry grew; she began working exclusively with a local chemist to create Couleurs Cosmetics, an affordable beauty line for women of all ethnicities and skin types.

In the past, Balan founded, Balancy Ent, at just 19 years old. After graduating from Berkley College in 2014 with a dual degree in Business Management and Marketing, Balan became a serial-preneur with the opening of her clothing store, Balancy Collection in her home country of Haiti.

Balan has already managed to work with notables like American film producer & video music director, Brett Ratner, best known for X-Men and the Rush Hour series; and American film director & producer George Tillman, Jr., best known for Soul Food, Notorious, & the Barber Shop series. Balan’s future goals include being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and a Victoria’s Secret Model.

About Couleurs Cosmetics Inc.

Couleurs Cosmetics is a beauty brand with special formulation and colors to cater to women of all ethnicities.

Our company relies on the integrity of its carefully formulated cosmetics line by using the latest technology to achieve on-trend products in the cosmetic/beauty industry. We cater to our customers to ensure that they receive the highest quality product while also offering a wide range of colors in cosmetics. Products blend seamlessly with skin variation while utilizing the best ingredients for our products.

All products are natural and have not been tested on animals! Our products are also vegan friendly.

Founder and CEO

Christina Balan


Email: Couleurscosmetics@gmail.com